The Power of Beautiful Teeth

Our teeth come under a lot of scrutiny. They are one of the most looked at features on a face during a conversation and even a small spot or bit of food on a tooth can be a huge distraction. This is the reason that people spend so much effort looking for the perfect teeth whitening product or undergo procedures like gum contouring.

First Impressions Matter

Perception is important in our everyday world and teeth are a large part of how one is perceived – especially in America. In fact, the majority of Americans think that a person’s smile is the most prominent memory of a first meeting.

There have been actual studies on how tooth health affects one’s attractiveness. One study showed that for men it is the second most important feature for overall facial attractiveness, and for women it is the most common feature to be brought up as a negative aspect.

So Does Self-Esteem

While bad teeth or visible problems can have a negative effect on one’s confidence, a shining and attractive smile can boost both confidence and how one is treated.

Numerous studies have shown the important role that a positive self-image plays in one’s own health and how others perceive you. Confidence in yourself encourages others to trust your abilities and be comfortable socializing with you.

Beautiful Teeth are More Accessible

Cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn, San Francisco, Los Angeles and beyond have all seen an increase in both the number and complexity of requests for oral treatments. As the buying power of different communities increases, the improvement of one’s teeth seems to always be at the forefront of their minds.

With all of this said, there are still a large number of people who take improper care of their teeth or neglect to remedy simple issues. Oral issues are incredibly preventable and can go a long way in improving your overall quality of life.